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Eastergate Primary

Governing Body

"Governors are very well informed and have a very good understanding of the school’s strengths and areas of development...."

Ofsted 2017

On Behalf of the Governors, welcome to Eastergate C.E. Primary School.

This is a school that we are determined will offer every pupil the best foundations to be successful learners, to grow in personal attributes and characteristics and to achieve their best potential as children and as members of our community.

We aim to do this within our Christian ethos and values, working together for the benefit of our whole school community.

Eastergate School has a governing body of 12 governors, consisting of a mix of:

  • Foundation Governors - appointed by our local church and the Diocese of Chichester
  • Co-opted governors – appointed by the governing body
  • Local Authority governor – appointed by West Sussex County Council
  • Parent governors – elected by the parents and carers of pupils at the school.
  • Staff governors – elected by the staff themselves

So what is our role?

The school governors have a wide range of statutory duties and powers. We are responsible for the conduct of the school as a whole and our role is to promote high standards of educational achievement.

Our duties include:

  • Setting targets for achievement
  • Managing the school finances and the fabric of the school
  • Making sure the curriculum is balanced, broadly based and inclusive
  • Appointing staff
  • Reviewing staff performance and pay
  • Communicating with all stakeholders of the school
  • Ensuring your child stays safe whilst at school

So, whether it is appointing staff, setting budgets, agreeing building development plans or making other strategic decisions concerning the school, the responsibility for getting it right, for your child, rests with the schools’ governing body.

The Governors are committed to a plan of improvement (called our Journey to Excellence) and we are working hard to ensure the best outcomes for your children.

Attendance at school – How you can help?

We ask that you ensure that your child attends school regularly and punctually. Only a small amount of regular absence or lateness can have a significant impact on their learning and the learning of others around them. Unauthorised absence or regular lateness will not be condoned.

Holidays in school term time

The Government has directed that schools are no longer able to authorise family holidays during term time, except for limited cases with 'exceptional circumstances'. Please adhere to this and plan not to remove your child from the school in term time. The Governing body will fully support the Head Teacher in declining any such requests.

Seeking the views of stakeholders

One of our most important roles is to seek your views about how well the school is doing. What has the school got right for your child, what could we do better, or where we have got it right, how can we now use that knowledge to benefit others?

So we would like to hear from you, we promise to listen. We may not be able to implement everything you suggest and where we can’t we will openly explain why. But if you don’t share your experiences with us then it makes it harder for us to ensure that the school continues to evolve and takes into account the needs of the children and yours as parents and guardians.

Each year we ask parents to complete our questionnaire (based on the Ofsted model). You can find the latest results here.

So if you wish to talk to us, ask us a question, challenge us on something, be critical or complementary, then please do so. You can do this in a variety of ways:

Ofsted Survey

Please take the time to complete this survey

This link will take you to the Ofsted ‘Parent View survey’ –


This is the first source of information that Ofsted will use to understand what your views are about our school. We would welcome all feedback. So I would urge all of you to go on-line and complete the survey so that we can gain a clear, honest and balanced understanding of how we are doing as a school.

Alternatively :

Send us an email, marked for the attention of the Governors, to office@eastergate.w-sussex.sch.uk or write to us via the ‘School Office’.

Complete a school questionnaire based on the Ofsted ‘Parent View’ survey with opportunity for written comments – available at reception - please hand it in at the reception desk or send it into school via your child in an envelope addressed to 'The Governors'.

Where you have left your name and contact details, our promise is to acknowledge your communication and provide an initial response within 5 school days. Where greater time or detail is required to provide you with an answer, we will acknowledge your letter and reply within a further 10 school days of that initial acknowledgement.

Working with you, we want to ensure that Eastergate C.E Primary School is a place where every child enjoys their learning and that they are happy and safe when they are here.

Hedda Wells
Chair of Governors 

Governance Handbook