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Eastergate Primary


Design and Technology

We believe that teaching Design Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. We encourage children to learn to think and act creatively to solve problems preparing them for the developing world.

We follow the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach to teaching Design Technology. Pupils use their imagination to create and design products that solve problems in a real life context. This area of the curriculum is closely entwined with other areas of the curriculum. The children are given opportunities to research and design using ideas influenced by their own cultural background and experiences. They are then encouraged to reflect, and evaluate allowing them to improve their designs and learning. Our curriculum encourages all children to become innovative and risk takers working both independently and collaboratively.

Through collaborative work in design and technology our pupils develop mutual respect for others differing opinions and beliefs. In addition, children develop a respect for the environment, for their own health and safety and that of others. They learn to appreciate the value of similarities and differences. A variety of experiences teaches them to appreciate that all people – and their views – are equally important.

We feel that the teaching of Food and Nutrition is a great importance and holds great relevance in current times. We intend to develop our pupil's understanding of good nutrition through the combination of PE and Food Technology, providing them with the knowledge to go forward and make their own healthy choices in life.