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Eastergate Primary


Our broad and balanced whole school curriculum, including our RE curriculum, is designed around our school values of Trust, Forgiveness, Creation, Hope, Endurance and Compassion and our mission statement:

‘Learn, Grow and Achieve together in God’s love’

At Eastergate C of E Primary School, we believe that the teaching of Religious Education is vital for the development of each pupil, as an individual. Religious Education contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils and their understanding of life in modern Britain. It is an important part of a pupil’s education, enabling them to reflect on their own beliefs, values and opinions and those of others.

We use the Understanding Christianity Scheme combined with the Emmanuel Project Scheme that covers other faiths. It is coherently planned and sequenced to include a mixture of Christianity and world religions (Islam, Judaism and Hinduism). As a school, we have adopted an enquiry- based approach, which explores key concepts or beliefs in each religion and the stories, practices and rituals which arise from them. Learning journeys in RE build on pupil’s prior knowledge and understanding, promoting respect, empathy for others and opportunities for personal reflection.

In the Enquiry Cycle, pupils engage with concepts in an exciting way, making links with their own experiences of life. They develop questions to help them enquire into religious belief and practice and explore these in different ways. They evaluate their work to see if they have a secure understanding of the belief / concept and then express their learning for another audience.