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Eastergate Primary


At Eastergate CE Primary School our vision for PSHE and RSE is the development of a 'Curriculum for Life': a programme which goes beyond the statutory requirements and equips children to meet the many challenges and opportunities they will experience through life's journey.

We have developed our curriculum using the West Sussex E4S (Education for Safeguarding) resources. This has involved tailoring our curriculum to the needs of our pupils and consulting with parents.

We strive for a curriculum where pupils not only learn the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to grow up as healthy individuals, but also develop a sense of their own moral compass enabling them to be in control of their own choices and at the same time respond to pupil's needs as they grow and mature on their journey through our school.

The core themes of PSHE and RSE (to include: ) spiral through our curriculum from EYFS through to Year 6. Revisiting concepts helps pupils to know and remember more, so they can apply their learning in different situations and navigate the moral, social and cultural issues they will face as they grow older, both online and offline, now and in their teenage years and beyond.

Since PSHE incorporates the development of the whole child, learning does not just take place through the taught curriculum, but through all aspects of school life underpinned by our ethos, vision and values. Our school community serves to act as a 'miniature world', where pupils practise and appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse and multicultural society, making successful relationships with people from all walks of life. Through PSHE and RSE, we teach about equality and diversity in several ways: by providing opportunities for pupils to develop skills and strategies to challenge issues of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping and also by ensuring our PSHE and RSE curriculum allows every child access to teaching about things that matter to them and others.

The heart of our PSHE and RSE curriculum is about the  present and future: constantly evolving to respond to the needs of pupils in an ever changing world and supporting pupils to build successful futures for themselves and others as they grow.