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Eastergate Primary



Our aim is for children to become curious and fascinated about the physical world and the incredible differences in people who live in different parts of the world to us. Geography challenges us to think scientifically in order to understand the diverse physical and human characteristics of our planet. 


This will be through exploring different themes starting with a ‘big question’ such as 'What makes the earth shake, rattle and roll?' or 'What is life like in the Amazon?'

The great outdoors is our 'classroom' and children explore their surroundings, discovering changes over time and making links with history.

We provide opportunities to view and represent our world through digital technology and paper-based mapping and we inspire children's curiosity by learning about contrasting human lives across the world and our responsibility towards our planet and each other.


In geography, the children will learn about the diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. This will help to deepen their understanding of the interaction between people and their physical environment and physical processes.